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      FarmaSino is one of the subsidiaries of HIGH HOPE International Group, which is one of the largest¡¡companies in the ¡°China Top 500¡±.Reviewing¡¡the road that we¡¡experienced, we believe that innovated concept ,¡¡scientific management ,¡¡perfect¡¡product¡¡combination¡¡and diversity¡¡strategy of centering on our customs are the base of our development.

      Supported by its own R&D centre and manufacturing base,¡¡FarmaSino is mainly engaged¡¡in the business of¡¡pharmaceuticals and chemicals , and dedicated to building our own brand¡¡figure, offering the best service and high quality products to our customers.

      In the mean time, Human-oriented¡¡idea and Democracy-opened working environment are what we pursuit .¡¡Excellent staffs training systems and working conditions offer much more development opportunities to staffs.

      Looking forward to the future, we will foster a good and healthy company image by¡¡providing¡¡the best¡¡service¡¡to our¡¡customers . We will take responsibilities¡¡to society, enterprise and¡¡staffs , and¡¡create¡¡glorious achievement.

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