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      Company History

      From a small trading company to a large¡¡comprehensive corporation, it just takes FarmaSino a few years. During these years, we experienced so many hard works, but we always believe a bright future just in the front. Supported¡¡by our friends and hard work¡¡given by our staffs, FarmaSino has grown up rapidly and steadily.We really appreciate the wisdom , diligence and passion that dedicated by every staff, which have formed health, happiness and sharing company culture.

      A common¡¡purpose¡¡" Cooperation leads to bright future ”¡¡brought us together, and it is also the power source of company development.

      For the¡¡same aim ,¡¡we meet in FarmSino ,¡¡grow up with FarmaSino,¡¡and expect¡¡FarmaSino into the international reputation corporation in the near future.

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