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      Training & Development

      The rapidly growth of FarmaSino is mainly due to the talented individuals who are the key of company development. Therefore, we pay much more attention to staff training to enhance their work skills and qualities. FarmaSino offers suitable¡¡environment to motivate¡¡employees who have a great sense of
      uplift to show the best of themselves. Reasonable performance-based rewarding system and vocation arrangement show the concept of hard work get more.

      · Company Culture training;
      · expand training;
      · the all-round training;

      · The experts teaching and experience communication;
      · Participate in API, CPhI, CHEMSPEC, Canton Fair and other large-scale Exhibition in china and abroad;
      · Visit customers abroad and investigate market regularly.
      · Supply further education opportunities for staffs to enhance their quality.

      · Cooperation leads to bright future.

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